Another installment!! Enjoy!!

Someone on another forum asked for some KODT Live Action series news.

We’ve been very busy on all fronts and work is progressing – but here’s a quick cut and paste of my comments made elsewhere…

”We are busy finalizing the script here at KenzerCo while d20 Entertainment is handling the logistics and production. Filming starts in August (21st) at D20 Expo in Brandenburg, KY. There cast, extras and crew will assemble for several days to shot most of the scenes for the movie. Additional scenes/wrap up will be shot in the area in the following weeks with smaller crews.

80% of the script s al knew material but we HAVE listened to fans and there will be at least one session of the B.A. running a game of the Knight that long time readers will recognize. You’ll see the Knights playing at the the table, visiting the Games Pit and making their way to GaryCon. WHich is about all I can reveal at the moment. We are currently casting the parts of Nitro, Crutch and Johnny Kazinski. Sheila and Gordo were recently cast. The Knights themselves (and Pete) will continue to be the focus of most of the action but the current script required pulling in a few of the other well loved characters.

On other fronts, d20 Entertainment is busy pulling together the KODT cover art book. (Barb has been busy compiling the index/strip summaries for 200+ issues for the book -= a massive undertaking in itself). I hope to be finished with the sketches and water colors various backers laid down money for later this month. Going to be a very busy summer — if we don’t update folks on things often enough just give us a poke. But in answer to you question, yes — things are moving and moving fast.

BTW not a LOT of production news to relate at this point because the scripts are still being written as d20 Entertainment anxiously prods me for them. So no outtakes to show at this point and not a lot of juicy production stories just yet. But I’m sure you’ll start to see and hear more as we approach our shoot dates.”

Speaking of D20 Expo, if you want to be involved you can find out more details here;

* Originally d20 Entertainment had been planning on filming some key scenes both Origins and GenCon, but apparently that was problematic so d20 Expo is very nice solution.