Another two page strip for you folks.

Barb and I have been busy wrapping up KODT# 207 before leaving for VisionCon next week. We’ve been looking forward to this con for a LONG time — it’ll be my third time as a guest. I keep saying “Yes!” for a reason. It’s an awesome time. And this year there is a change of venue – VisionCon will be in Branson, MO!

We’ve been working hard since the holidays playing catch-up and working toward this little road trip. Hope to see some of you there.

more details here —

Did I mention I’ve been on a Scuply/modeling kick the past few months?
I’m currently spending my Sunday afternoons working on this ship I hope to present to my buddy, Craig Zipse at VisionCon next week.

Made completely from scratch (no blueprints/templates either — I live dangerously like that). 😉 It’s be very relaxing and as a bonus — it helps with my carpal tunnel. Go figure.

This ship is about 12 inches tip to tip.

I’ve had a lot of requests for a walk-thru on how to build one. I’m considering writing it up for a future KODT or posting it on my blog. Just posted.

Bottom line if you’re looking for a medium to build little table top items for your table (cheaply), Sculpy™ just might be your ticket.