Thought I’d run a little short series of strips that appeared in Tales from the Vault Volume 4 I’ve always enjoyed.

Bob and Dave using Hard Eight’s 1-900 line to get die roll results.

Well, incase you didn’t hear — the KODT Live Action Series Kickstarter was funded! At 115% — just a little over $67,000. Hoody Hoo!

Looks like both KenzerCo and d20 Entertainment are going to be busy.

On our end, we have a script to prepare. On d20 Entertainment’s end there’s a mountain of product to prepare as well as gearing up for production.

d20 Entertainment will be posting updates through Kickstarter (I would imagine once or twice a month until things start to get rolling and then more freuently).

I’ll be giving updates of course — when there’s something newsworthy to report (or simply to say, “we’re working hard here”).

We also plan on running a short monthly column in KODT with production updates and some behind the scene peeks.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who tossed in a buck or took the time to spread the word. It’s greatly appreciated. Be you a casual reader, a friend or a family member, each and every nod of support was noticed and I’m personaly grateful.

I’m also grateful Ken Whitman for walking up to me at Origins last summer with a Willy Wonka grin on his face and saying, “Hey, have you ever thought of doing a Knight of the Dinner Table movie?” lol.

Thanks, Ken — for making a believer in me.

And to my partners in Crime, Dave, Steve and Brian for being on board with it when I shared Ken’s crazy idea with them.

And of course my wife, Barb. She’s the one who said, “Hey, I’d like to go down to Kentucky to play an extra in Brothers Barbarian!” and opening my eyes.

It was such a high energy fun environment, with so many creative people who beieved in what they were doing that it was highly contagious.

Now the hard work begins. Now we have to meet or exceed backer’s expectations. 😉

Thanks everybody.