And here’s the conclusion to The Yaderwald arc! New story line starting Wednesday. Enjoy!!

Exciting news for the KODT Live Action Kickstarter and KODT fans as we had into the final stretch (nine days to go).

d20 Entertainment has sweetened the pot by tossing a special KODT book on the pile.

d20 Entertainment: “For 20 years, Knights of the Dinner Table has been graced with many beautiful covers created by talented artists like Larry Elmore, the Fraim Brothers and George Vrbanic. Over the years, fans have often asked for copies of their favorite covers. Now, these covers are being gathered together in a beautiful full-color book. Some of the favorite covers from the last 20 years are included in the 8.5” x 11” 336-page book. Just 250 copies of this beautiful book will be available in Hardcover, and they will be signed and numbered. An unlimited edition softcover books are also available for $49. All proceeds toward funding the KODT: Live Action Series. Also included in the book are plot summaries of each issue and behind-the-scenes commentary from Jolly and the D-Team.”

Again the hardback book is a limited release (250 copies). Softback is unlimited while the kickstarter runs. Under the terms of the licensing agreement d20 Ent can only make this book available as part of the kickstarter project. When the kickstarter ends — the books will no longer be available.

Just to clarify the book will include the covers for 206+ issues of KODT, 42 Bundle of Trouble covers, all five Tales from the Vault covers, all the KODT special issues that have appeared over the years (Last Man Standing, Bag Wars Saga, all five Blackhand Specials, the Origins Specials (3 covers) and the Diamond Specials (six covers). And perhaps a few others we’ve forgotten about.