Welcome back folks!

Today we kick off a 15 page story arc that appeared over a decade ago in what’s fondly known as “KODT: Diamond Special #1” The “Diamond Specials” was a three issue exclusive, Knights of the Dinner Table series one of our distributors contracted for.

Each issue was pubished with two unique covers and featured strips and story arcs that appeared no where else.

I’d like to mention a couple of upcoming conventions we’ll be attending.

First up is VisionCon in Branson MO. Barb and I attending this con as guests for the third time! Starts on February 28th.

Then in March the entire KenzerCo staff will be returning to GaryCon in Lake Geneva!! Whoot! GaryCon never fails to deliver and we can’t wait.

And I want to make special mention of a brand new con taking place in Milwaukee in June. NEXUS is coming out the gate strong with a long list of legendary game designers and artists. The entire Kenzerco Staff will be on hand along with our GMs and volunteers running demos, hosting events and rolling dice with fellow gamers. Best of all — if you use the code in the ad up above? You can save some bucks!

Finally, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t mention d20 Entertainment’s KODT Live Action Kickstarter!!

With three weeks to go it’s nudging 50% and lots of new options are being added routinely — so check it out!!

Game on!!