Welcome back! Here’s the next installment of B.A.’s fan-fave, Zombie adventure. Enjoy.

As we head into a new year, I’ve been looking back on 2013. It was such an exciting year for me personally. The 200th issue of KODT came out (I honestly still have a hard time wrapping my head around that number). Not only that but Larry Elmore agreed to do the cover for that very special issue! And the cherry on top? Larry agreed to run Snarf Quest in KODT! (He’s also doing the epic oil painting for the KODT Live Action Series movie poster — more on that in a bit).

I can’t tell you just how much it floored me to hold that issue in my hand. When I was starting SHADIS magazine back in January of 1990 there were several people I idolized and looked up to. Gary Gygax of course was one of them. Keven Seimbieda at Palladium Books was another. And right there on the list was Larry Elmore (his Dragon Magazine covers wow’ed us. Larry’s art was the tapestry in our imaginations — the backdrop to our adventures). I also met this guy named, David Kenzer a few years later who I came away from thinking, “Damn — I wish I could work with that guy). Little did I know our destinies were already entwined. But that’s a story for another day.

Achieving the milestone of putting our a 200th issue was momunmental for us all. Looking back personally, I realize, I’ve had a chance to meet and work with the giants I used to only read about? Amazing. (this is where I do the “I’m not Worthy” dance). Yeah, I’m feeling particularly blessed as I look back.

Add to the at the fact I work with a great group of people whom I can call friends as well as colleagues. I have a wife who not only supports and approves of what I do but rolls up her sleeves and gladly works with me side by side. Then she turns around and sits in on our games and elbows the other players as she shakes those dice and takes out orcs? When I have to cancel a scheduled game of HackMaster you want to know who gives me the most grief? Barbara — that’s who. 😉

Did I mention I have the most awesome parents in the world?

Going into 2014 we are heading toward KODT’s 25th anniversary (in approximately 12 months). Another milestone I guess.

And then there’s this KODT Live Action series kickstarter…

Readers willing, we’ll get funded and some more KODT magic, fun and mayhem will be loosed on the world. It’s been such an incredible journey already. The letters from readers offering support and kudos. The new friendships that have been forged along the way (and old ones strengthened and renewed). The energy and drive around the project has been a bit intoxicating. Also nerve racking — monitoring the daily pledges. (which stalled obviously over the Christmas holiday but has since picked back up again).

Speaking of the kickstarted, I talked with Ken Whitman last night and he shared some amazing add ons/extras he’s been holding off hitting the trigger on til after the New Year (just as the KS moves passed the halfway mark). All I can say is I was wowed.

Some major changes were also made last night to the various pledge levels. Some price changes and beefing up. One of my favorites — “Jolly Con” is no longer slated to be in my Game Loft. Now you can pledge for the con and bring ‘a friend’. Jolly Con will be at Doe Run Inn in Kentucky. Check it out here: Doe Run Inn

The pledge includes lodging for you and your friend in the Inn and the event is two days of sitting around playing board games, rpgs, and chats after hours in the great room.

Here’s a picture of a gathering at the DRI a few weeks ago taken just after the shooting of the kickstarter video.

Finally, here’s the link to the KODT kickstarter again. KODT LIVE ACTION SERIES

As always I’ll be extremely grateful if you share the link with your friends and during your travels on the net-verse.

Game on!!

Jolly Blackburn