Happy Holidays everyone!!

Here’s part 3 of the current story arc. Enjoy!

Two things;

The KODT Live Action Kickstarter is still underway. We’re nearing 35%! Please continue to spread the word and share the link.40 days to go to reach our goal and create some magic together.


Also looks like Brothers Barbarian Season 2 kicks off today with the release of Episode 1. I don’t have a link just yet but if you got to http://www.brothersbarbarian.com you should find one there. I’m told it will be up around noon EST today. My wife and I both have small cameos in this first episode (and some later episodes to come). *You’ll also see some of my doodling/artwork in one scene.;) We had a lot of fun hanging out on the set when this was filmed last fall.


Again Merry Christmas. Regardless of if you observe this day or your take on it, I hope you’re surrounded by good friends and family.

Jolly Blackburn