Welcome back. Here’s the next installment of B.A.’s Halloween themed adventure.

As we enter the holiday week I want to wish everyone out there a Happy Holidays on behalf of myself and KenzerCo. One of the things I love about gaming is that it’s a forge upon which lasting friendships are made.

As I look back on 2013, I’m grateful that I had an opportunity to build on so many friendships as well as plant the seeds for new ones. Life can be tough sometimes but it’s made more tolerable when you friends to share both the good times and the bad.

Here’s hoping as we head into 2014 that everyone reading this does so surrounded by friends, family and a few laughs shared around the gaming table.

Oh… almost forgot. (putitng my pimp hat on). Don’t forget the keep spreading the word about the Knights of the Dinner Table Live Action kickstarter.

And if you need something to spend that stocking money on…? (hint hint)


And one more thing. You can pledge for the gamer in our life and buy them a DVD on the kickstarter page. THen print out this greeting card (available on d20 Entertainment’s kickstarter page) and slip it under the tree letting the recipient know it’s coming.