I did this panel of Trish at Pete’s counter back in 2005 about the same time I started laying out the strips/comic in full color (even though the monthly comic is in black and white). It’s also around the same time I started using a Wacom™ drawing pad to draw the comics as opposed to a mouse. It felt like I was trying to draw with snow mittens on when I first started out. It just didn’t feel natural to me and I had an overwhelming compulsion to go back to using a mouse to draw. I’m glad I stuck with it. Now it feels as natural drawing digitally as it does using a pen or pencil. But oh the learning curve (where I was concerned).

And yes I’m going to plug the KODT Live Action Kickstarter again.


I’m told d20 Entertainment has a LOT of extras and add ons they’re going to be putting up in the coming days. So even if you’ve checked out the Kickstarter page you might want to check back.

Also, don’t forget — A KODT series DVD would make a great gift for those friends and family members who are gamers. 😉 Even though you can’t put the DVD under the tree you CAN print out one of the special gift cards we’re about to release and toss that under the tree. Think of the XP’s!