Today’s offering is a little different. As I pull together the strips each month a lot of material ends up not being used. Perhaps the story changes direction and I put finished panels to the side or I simply run out of room and panels end up being cut. I thought you might find it interesting to see some of that discarded material. The panels above (for whatever reason) were pulled from the recent story arc with Dave as Gamemaster.

Just want to remind you that the KODT Live Action Kickstarter is still in motion. If if you’ve already pledged money, I want to encourage you to visit the link again (and again) in the coming weeks. We have LOTS of extras and add ons coming down the pipe as well as some upgraded award levels. Original art, free product and some great product discounts/bundles are going to be added routinely. Plus a few surprises.

Last time I checked we’re at 26% funded at a week into the Kickstarter project! So keep spreading the word. With your help we can make this happen. 😉