Welcome back — exciting news folks.

To celebrate the KODT Live-Action Series Kickstarter hitting the 20% mark (in the first 48 hours), d20 Entertainment and Kenzer and Company have decided to release the proof of concept video early.

A little back story here. When d20 Entertainment first approached us about doing a live-action series/movie based on Knights of the Dinner Table our first response naturally was, “Are these guys up to the task?”

There were so many concerns. Could they do the casting and find the right actors? Would the crudely drawn characters readers have grown to love and follow for 25 years translate to the medium of flesh and blood? Honestly we always thought KODT would make a great animated feature/series. But live action?

Ken Whitman’s response was to make a 5 minute proof of concept. Just a few days before our meeting at GenCon last summer he pulled his crew together, cast the roles of Brian VanHoose and Weird Pete and ‘knocked out’ a teaser.

I’ll let you be the judge of the results. All I can say is we were blown away.

Since only two characters were being filmed, Ken took an existing strip from KODT (A GM Comes Calling from issue 102) and a shot it pretty much as it was written — word for word while re-storyboarding it for the screen.

Hopefully you can see why we instantly became excited about the project and put our trush in Ken. We’re very excited about the project. The opportunity to write an original script and have creative input — isn’t that every writer/creator’s dream?

Today’s strip is the one used for the video. We thought you’d like the opportunity to compare.

The Kickstarter page has been completely updated with more information about the project, the proof of concept teaser and more. So even if you’ve visted the sight already and pledged I urge you check it out.

And remember — this project doesn’t happen unless it’s funded. So please continue to spread the news (and more importantly the link). www.kickstarter.com/projects/d20e/kodt-live-action-series


Jolly Blackburn