Welcome back!! Today’s KODT panel is from Knights of the Dinner Table #204 which is shipping as I write. It should be showing up in your FLGS or your mailbox in the coming days. Just want to remind everyone that the KODT Movie/Series Kickstarter is running. Checking a moment ago I see we’ve hit 20% of our goal in just the first 48 hours — still a LONG way to go. Like so many times in KODT’s journey, the success or failure of this new adventure is going to hinge on our readers.

KODT Kickstarter

We’ve been swamped with questions since launching. A lot of you are wanting to know exactly what we plan on doing with the money and exactly what supporters can expect.

We’ve been entertaining readers with the antics of the Knights of the Dinner Table and their friends for almost 25 years. D20 Entertainment wanted this same team to write the script for this project and have creative control. It is our goal, first and foremost, to bring the characters that the readers have known and loved to the screen and to remain faithful to the spirit of the comic strip. So what can you expect to see? Well — much of it is going to depend on the level of funding. The more that comes in, the more we’ll have to work with. What you won’t be getting is a simple rehashing of material from the magazine.
Instead, you will see all new material. Of course, we do plan to draw from the wealth of material presented in the monthly magazine over the years. The two will be massaged, reimagined, rewoven and combined into an episodic story that flows together seamlessly on the big screen.

Readers have come to rely on getting the best story for their buck every month in the strips and as supporters of this Kickstarter project, you can be assured of getting the best screen adaptation possible. Everyone involved is passionate about the comic and getting it right.

Again, just what that story turns out to be depends on our backers. This is where you come in.
• At $60k, the producers will be able to put together an episodic webseries, combining classic material with some newer elements.
• At $180k the storyline will be developed further, into a short theatrical format. More new material will be able to be added, as well as appearances by more familiar characters from the KODT universe.
• At $250k we get to make dreams come true and enter a whole new frontier. This will mean that the producers (with full creative control by the D-Team) will be able to fully make the movie they’ve been bouncing around for the past six months. Viewers will be able to enjoy not only the classic characters, but also more of their favorites, perhaps even the lovable Squirrely. We have a very exciting story blocked out and would love the opportunity to bring it to life.
• Every portion of this production will be under the watchful eye of Kenzer and Company and the creative control of the KODT development team who have been extremely protective of their creation over the last twenty-five years. Rest assured, the spirit of the Knights will be faithfully recreated. As funding increases, so can characters be added, and let’s face it, everyone has a favorite character that they want to see on film.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/d20e/kodt-live-action-series