Welcome back!! The KODT Webstrips sort of took a back seat the past few weeks. ComicCon followed closely by GenCon took its toll. Back on track now — promise. 😉

Speaking of ComicCon, he wife and I were eating lunch one day at the show and I pulled out a copy of BOT #34 and started reading it to her aloud. I haven’t read the strips in that volume in problably six years or so. I was surprised to find I didn’t remember many of them.

When I started reading “Love Calls” I found myself looking up at the byline at the top of the page. Had I REALLY written this…?  I honestly didn’t remember a word of it. It was sort of nice being able to step back from one’s work and view it honestly from afar.

I have to say I was proud (and surprised).  I told Barb, “I’m going to run this as a websrip when we get back” and wrote a note to do so.

Speaking of KODT isseu 190 shipped a few days ago. The August issue!! This is the first time in memory that I haven’t come out of the summer con season two issues behind. I call that progress.

Game on!