Next insallment in the arc — a short seque piece.

While I’ve got your attention, Knights of the Dinner Table issue 180 ships today — should be shopping up in stores soon. You can also of course order direct at

Speaking of issues of KODT, issue 178 unexpectedly sold out months earliar than anticpated. A lot of regular readers apparently were denied getting their hands on a copy. As a result we’ve done something we’ve haven’t done in over 180 issues and 18 years of publishing the monthly comic — we REPRINTED an issue — well, enough to fill orders and bring it back in stock.

So if you missed it please let your retailer know it’s available again. Don’t have an FLGS? Again you can order issues at (you can even subscribe!).

I want to thank everyone who has made the relaunch of the webstrip page such a success. Traffic continues to climb. Please keep sharing the link and spreading the word.

We’ve got some surprises coming in the near future — so stay tuned. 😉

Jolly Blackburn