Sorry it’s been a over ten days since the last strip being posted. How do I put this? I’ve been very busy. ;)

Between the KODT Live Action Series script to wrapping up KODT #108 and attending conventions (GaryCon next week — Whoot!) it’s been a very hectic month.

So glad spring is on the way. Yesterday while walking out to the “Writer’s Shack” in the backyard with my dose of caffeine in my hand I was surprised and delighted to actually see something GREEN rising up from the grey/brown monotony we call a yard this time of year. Tulup sprouts!! We’ve still got some cold weather here in the coming weeks to contend with but it was an encouraging sign.

Here’s hoping spring finds of all you soon and brings greenery and color to your lives.

Enjoy the strips! And if you’re at GaryCon next weekend in Lake Geneva stop by and say, “hi”.